One picture, five crops

So I was reading this book, called The Photographer’s Eye: Composition and Design for Better Digital Photo by Michael Freeman.
One of the chapters is about cropping. Often, pictures need to be cropped. When we’re shooting medium format pictures for example, or when our in camera composition just sucks horribly. One of the things done in the book is taking one picture and a number of crops from that same picture, that are all pictures in itself. So that’s what I tried to do in a similar fashion.
So the first one is the original, the other 4 are crops from it.

Early Birds on the first day of spring

Getting up early is worth it from time to time. When I woke up this morning to do the stuff I needed to do (mounting a shelve on the wall, doing some tax payment stuff and putting ads up for my beloved analog body and lenses), my lampshade was hanging nicely in the morning sun, so I decided to take a picture of it.
I guess it’s nice because of the timing and all, with today being the first day of spring. The spring sun coming through my window was nice to see.

The colors have given me hell. It took me about a minute to take the proper picture, but getting the colors correctly took me a buttload of time. I even tried it in black and white…


EEE PCI’ve been on the lookout for the eee pc since november and after playing with one in Singapore I decided I just had to get one. 4 gigs SSD storage, less than a kilogram in weight, 900 Mhz Celeron, 512meg RAM, 7″ (800×480) screen, wifi, built in SD card reader. It’s in my view the way a laptop should be and not something that could replace a desktop, because you have desktops for that…
So my parents bought me one for getting my bachelor. And it’s so friggin nice. Fellow warsower Chas bought one in Australia if I remember correctly and he’s been talking on his blog about how much he likes it. I’m not gonna do that! HA!
I’m gonna whine about the OS that’s on it, about how you have to do all kind of hacky things to get the full 4 gigs of HD. The difficulties in getting a decent torrent, IRC or IM client and the fact that you have to face Satan himself if you want to install compiz fusion. And of course, thanks to Linux, it is impossible to get it connected to the TU/e wifi…
But it’s great for doing my homework assignments, playing openttd, doing my blogging and some couch/bed/toilet-surfing. I think I’m going to install windows XP on it tho, because I really want to get it online at school. And use that 100Mbit together with my portable HD to get some proper leeching going on.