CHI – day 1

Well… a conference. What the hell is something like that supposed to be like?

I had an extensive preparation prior to getting in Florence that consisted of booking a flight, getting accomodation and partying the night before departure with crazy exchange students in Eindhoven. Needless to say, the first day in Florence was hectic.

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I did make it to the apartment yesterday quite effortlesly (somewhat to my surprise). I did however completely misunderstood Karolien’s Belgian accent for Italian, which lead to me speaking English to someone who’s talking Dutch to me. And while writing this, I realize I haven’t explained that to her yet… But the apartment is way too nice for a shitty student like myself. I’m there together with 3 phd students from my faculty, who I don’t know that well. I think that this might be different when the week is over. I’ve got my own bedroom, with nice kingsize bed. And I’ve got my own bathroom, with bidet. We’re sharing a living room and kitchen, together with the conversations and thoughts that come naturally.

Day one

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The first day, due to my lack of preparation, consisted mainly of walking to the conference center (in a medieval fort) and banks close to the center. I didn’t have a registration yet, and apparently you can only pay with US currency or credit card. Having neither, I had to make a stop at the bank and having the memory and foresight of someone that woke up too early after a day of travelling, I didn’t change enough the first time. So all in all, I’ve seen plenty of the city already. Considering the weather and the absolute gorgeousness of Florence, not a bad thing. Considering this is the world’s way of telling me I need a creditcard, I’m still ok without one.
Having taken care of my registration it was time to decide on what to do this week. There’s so much to learn at a conference, that this was in fact a bit scary. I’ve found a lot of presentations on usability and registered for a basic Human Centered Design course on Wednesday. I think this might be a nice (applied) extra to my somewhat theoretical masters program. On Tuesday I’m meeting with some people from Carnegie Mellon, with whom I hope to be able to arrange something for the exchange program of my curriculum. On Thursday I’m presenting a poster (link) on one of the researches I finished last year.

And throughout the week I’ll be walking around and taking pictures of this town with my new Nikon.

Click here for the rest of my pictures.

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