mp.graus [at]

There are two ways in which I try to make my research and education more valuable: large scale user studies and current, relevant research questions.

Because my research is aimed at understanding and improving the relationship between people and companies, I want to ensure that my findings hold up outside of the lab.  I thus try to take the research out of the lab and into the wild as much as possible. In addition, I try to ensure that my research addresses problems that people or companies face. As such, I am interested in collaborations with companies or researchers that are interested and have the means in doing large scale user experiments. 

In terms of teaching I try to achieve the same. Guest lectures from people that have professional experience give students a different perspective and allow them to understand why they are learning what I am teaching them.

I thus appreciate all opportunities to discuss my research, so please contact me if you would like to discuss anything from possible collaborations or would like me to give a talk. Depending on the day of the week, I can be found either in my office in Maastricht University or at BISS Institute in Heerlen.