There are two ways in which I try to make my research and education more valuable: large scale user studies and current, relevant research questions.

Because my research is aimed at technology that aims to serve large, heterogeneous groups of people, I want to ensure that my findings hold up outside of the lab.  I thus try to take the research out of the lab and into the field as much as possible. In addition, I try to ensure that my research addresses problems that people or companies face. As such, I am interested in collaborations with companies or researchers that are interested in doing large scale user experiments. 

In terms of teaching I try to achieve the same. Guest lectures from people that have professional experience give students a perspective I cannot provide, and allow them to understand why they are taught what I am teaching them.

I thus appreciate all opportunities to discuss my research and education, so please contact me if you would like to discuss anything from guest lectures, research opportunities or even would like me to give a talk. Depending on the day of the week, I can be found either in my office in Maastricht University or at BISS Institute in Heerlen.