Increasing Engagement with Retirement through Personalized Communication
Funded by Think Forward Initiative
With Elisabeth Brüggen and Joyce Augustus

This project will run from 2019 until beginning of 2021, is funded by the Think Forward Initiative and will be conducted by a post-doctoral researcher, supervised by myself, Lisa Brüggen and Joyce Vonken from APG.

Research Goal

The majority of people saving for their retirement is not or minimally engaged with their retirement. This poses problems as people might not be saving enough to have a retirement they want or expect, which has ramifications for societies in the long run. 

Psychological research has found a number of obstacles that prevent people from engaging with their retirement. Due to the large heterogeneity in pension savers (they largely vary in age, financial literacy and other characteristics), what obstacles play a role differs from person to person.

The current project attempts to investigate to what extent personalized communication can improve engagement. By using different data sources, we will make inferences about individuals’ obstacles to engaging with their retirement and alter communication to address these obstacles.